Friday, December 12, 2008

I'm on Fire!

I've found a new site on which to sell my 'stuff'. is a new site, still in its beta stage, where artist list artwork for sale. In some ways, it's much like Etsy, but in others, the feel is different. Artfire has a more artistic vibe (at least right now) whereas, to me, Etsy is more 'crafty'. At any rate, I decided it couldn't hurt to explore my options, and I will slowly begin listing a few items on Artfire. I encourage you to check the site out, as well as my shop, which is still a Six Degrees Arts enterprise. I encourage you to go and sign up. It's free, and so is selling, if you so choose. You can just follow the link:

Register on

Happy Holidays!

3 comments: said...

Oh I'm excited about ArtFire too!

I just came across your yoga sock pattern today and I just wanted to say thanks! It's a fabulous pattern-just what I was looking for. I'll be linking!

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